Feng Shui translated, means “the way of wind & water” or “the natural forces of the universe.” These forces affect everything in our world. The ancient Chinese believed in and lived their lives by these natural forces.
Many special items are used and brief descriptions of some of them are shown below. There are many different ‘schools’ of Feng Shui and you may find slight variations in the use and positioning of items.
Please note we do not guarantee the effectiveness of any of the products! The information is reported as general concepts of Feng Shui.
Feng Shui can suggest ways to improve the ambience and harmony in any home or business using colour, positioning of furnishings etc, ‘cures’ for problem areas and much more. Feng Shui has been used by a huge number of celebrities, business people and others to enhance their well-being and prosperity.
The following information is © Living Designs Co uk Ltd and reports the views and opinions of Feng Shui practitioners. Living Designs make no representation as to the accuracy, properties or effectiveness of any product or item.
Pa Kua Transparency and Compass
Probably the most essential tool of all ! The small compass can be easily carried in a purse or pocket and is ideal to confirm the directions in a home, room, office or work area/desk. Always keep it with you! The transparency can be laid over a plan or sketch of a house, garden or room to identify the sectors and associated colours and elements. The information on the transparency covers different Feng Shui schools. Traditional Chinese practitioners use a LoPan – a very complex ‘compass’ which requires intensive study to use correctly. The Living Designs transparency is an easy-to use and effective method.
Moon Frog
Perhaps the favourite accessory of the Chinese, the 3 legged Moon Frog (or toad) – sometimes called ‘Chan Chu’, is linked to the moon. In Chinese mythology, it lives only in the phase of the moon which it swallows during the eclipse. The 3 legs symbolise the trinity of heaven, earth and humanity fortune
Benefits Wealth, long life, luck and safety. The coin in the mouth gives additional emphasis to prosperity. The wealth attraction is much enhanced when the frog is seated on a bed of coins
Positioning and Use Anywhere in the living room or office, ideally in the wealth-prosperity sector (south east) Can be placed facing in any direction, but ideally should be angled to face the door (but not directly in front of the door) to encourage wealth coming in. Some experts believe the Moon Frog needs to rest – so they suggest removing the coin from it’s mouth and turning it to face inwards at times when you are nor actively seeking income – normally when you are sleeping or away from the house or premises.
One of the most powerful Chinese creatures, it symbolises Strength, Wisdom and Protection. Sometimes depicted with a pearl which indicates power.
Benefits Protection, support and strength. Also will help protect relationships and occupants in any home.
Positioning and Use Can be auspiciously positioned anywhere. If placed near a doorway it gives protection.
Fu Dogs ( Temple Lions )
Lion-Dog creatures which symbolise protection, valour and energy. They are normally in pairs.
Benefits Frightens away evil influences and bad luck. Also bring future prosperity.
Positioning and Use Best positioned as guardians each side of a doorway – inside or outside.
Quirin – Chinese Unicorn
Also known as Kei Loon. A mythical creature with the features of several animals and a scaly body. Often used in pairs and as an alternative to Ba-Gua mirrors.
Benefits Primarily a protection against ‘Sha Chi’ poison arrows and other negative energies. Also fertility symbol.
Positioning and Use Place inside, usually on the window sill, facing the source of negativity. Best to use a pair of Quirins in this position.
Dragon Headed Tortoise
Also known as ‘Luo Shu’. A very powerful symbol of success and prosperity in the home or workplace. The dragon symbolises good luck, the tortoise for long life and the baby tortoise for successful new beginnings in personal or business life.
Benefits Protection, fortune, success, growth and development.
Positioning and Use Locate in the sector where beneficial influences are required. Place the coin or a coloured ribbon in the mouth. The coin is for wealth fortune and the colour of the ribbon should relate to the sector you wish to enhance ( eg a Blue for career prospects, Green for family and health etc – check the Living Designs Pakua for the colours associations ) For example, for Work and Business development and prosperity, locate in the north sector ( of your office/workplace or area of the home where you conduct financial affairs ) and place a coin in the mouth.
Mandarin Ducks
Regarded by the Chinese as symbolic of fortunate partnerships and marriage, they are therefore only used in pairs.
Benefits Romantic energy, loyal and long lasting marriages and partnerships, – and also to attract a partner for single people.
Positioning and Use Use in the Relationships sector of the house, bedroom or living room. To attact a partner, the ducks should face each other. To preserve a partnership, they should be alongside and face the same way. It is essential not to have a single duck and never more than one pair of ducks in one room.
Three Immortals
Also known as the Three Star Gods, Chinese Deities named Fu (or Fuk ) symbolising wealth, Lok (or Lu) for happiness and Sau (or Shou) for long life
Benefits To enhance fulfilment of ambitions and desires in the areas they symbolise.
Positioning and Use Can be placed in any area but the position should indicate respect – so they should be prominently displayed and ideally above eye level to ensure you always look up to them.
Lead Crystal with Facets
Hanging crystals are one of the best Feng Shui items in any home or property. It is important to ensure true lead crystal rather than inferior glass, as it contains its own beneficial properties.
Benefits Lead Crystals attract and energise healthy Chi – the facets greatly assist the distribution of the Chi throughout the building.
Positioning and Use Can be auspiciously hung virtually anywhere. hallways, near a window (where the crystals will also collect and disperse ‘rainbows’ of light), in corners and other areas. They can also be used for ‘heavy’ areas overhead (eg beams) as an alternative to flutes. They will always enhance the benefits of any sector where they are placed.
Pa Kua ( Ba-Gua ) Mirror
The Pa Kua mirror is the primary protection against evil influences and ‘poison arrows’ (features directing bad energy towards your building). The trigrams represent the powerful I Ching symbols.
Benefits All the mirrors protect against bad energy (Sha Chi) The flat mirror reflects bad energy back to it’s source and encourages healthy Chi to enter. The convex mirror reflects and disperses bad energy. The concave mirror absorbs this energy. All types are good Feng Shui cures and each is used in different circumstances.
Positioning and Use Most experts agree the concave and convex mirrors should be positioned outside a building – above a door or on a wall – where it should face the source of possible bad influences or ‘poison arrows’. A convenient alternative is to identify the wall that ‘faces’ the problem and hang the mirror on the interior of this wall – when used this way, the mirror should face the wall. If you wish you can then hang a picture or wall decoration to cover the back of the mirror. Bagua mirrors are for use outdoors, but for indoor purposes it is possible to use another mirror – one with the 12 Chinese animals surrounding the mirror is ideal.
As Feng Shui means ‘wind and water’ the windchime is a natural enhancement.
Benefits Attracts, energises and prevents Chi flowing too quickly. Chinese windchimes often carry symbols relating to different benefits, wealth, good fortune, love and others.
Positioning and Use Often hung in a hallway, corridor to slow and activate Chi, they can also be auspiciously positioned in any room.
Red Envelopes
Red is the main colour of good fortune – success and fulfilment is indicated by the Chinese characters on the envelope.
Benefits Enhances any gift it contains and accentuates the power of enclosed items.
Positioning and Use The envelopes are used to hold gifts, particularly money. Also placed in the wealth sector with coins inside. An additional use is to write out your ambition or desire and enclose it in the envelope to help it come true. Only one desire in each envelope !
Laughing Buddha
This depiction of Buddha, the Maitreya Buddha, symbolises joy and wealth.
Benefits Happiness, prosperity and good luck.
Positioning and Use Can be placed in any (or every !) room in a prominent position. Stroking the tummy of the Buddha is said to enhance good fortune.
Mayan Ball
A ‘portable mirror’ with many of the qualities of reflecting and dispersing negativity.
Benefits Deflects and neutralises negative Chi from an area or a person.
Positioning and Use
Wear as a pendant or hang in a car for protection. Can also be hung in a window or other part of a room to deflect negative energy.
Wind And Water Figures
These figurines depict ‘Wind and Water’, the meaning of Feng Shui. They associate themselves with the home or premises where they ‘reside’ as an indication of healthy Chi.
The curvature of the figures positive energy flow and imparts tranquility.
Positioning and Use Place in any room in a prominent position. Should be used as a pair and not more than 3 feet (90cms) apart.
The natural curvature of bamboo give the flutes their power.
Benefits A cure for ‘heavy’ areas above – beams or other objects on a ceiling. The flutes raise the flow of Chi and correct the blockage. Also can be hung over the front door or above a cash till to attract wealth fortune.
Positioning and Use Should be placed with each flute at 45 degrees and hung from a beam or high on the wall.
Coin Ball A very potent attractor of wealth – more powerful than individual or three coins
Benefits Wealth
Positioning and Use Hang near a cash till, in the wealth sector or over a door to attract wealth inside the building or room.
Three Wealth Coins
These Chinese coins are reputed to activate wealth good fortune. The red colour of the ribbon accentuates money luck.
Benefits Wealth
Positioning and Use In a wallet or purse. On, under or near a cash till. On an accounts or sales ledger. In the wealth sector. Behind your work desk. The Chinese characters should always be on top.
Bell – Dragon And Phoenix
The soothing sounds represented by bells and windchimes are auspicious and attract Chi. The Dragon and Phoenix represent fortunate and long lasting relationships and marriage.
Benefits Tranquilty, harmony and peace.
Positioning and Use Hang or place anywhere in the house to calm aggression and disharmony in that area. Benefits relationships and marriages.
Bell – Tibetan and Buddha
The sound of these bells attracts and welcomes good fortune and beneficial influences. The Tibetan clearing bell adds a spiritual quality, dispersing negativity and the Buddha bell refreshes the environment and adds a pleasing, restful atmosphere.
Benefits Both bells clear negative Chi and refresh the surroundings.
Positioning and Use Hang or place anywhere in the house or workplace, preferably reasonably close to the main entrance to the area. In China, the ringing of bells heralded good news, something which still holds true today!
Chinese Fans
Symbolising auspicious movement of Chi and assist in dispersing negative Chi. One of the nine celestial cures in Feng Shui.
Benefits Enhancement and protection.
Positioning and Use Ideal in dark corners or gloomy rooms. They should be hung on the wall, always in the fully open position.
Red tassels represent movement and are frequently used to embellish and enhance other hanging accessories. The colours red, black and yellow are indicators of good fortune.
Benefits General good fortune, circulation of healthy Chi and enhancing the power of other items they are attached to.
Positioning and Use Can be hung anywhere and also attached to other objects.
Four Celestial Animals
These four animals are central to Feng Shui. They represent the four compass points White Tiger – West Red Phoenix – South Green Dragon – East Black Turtle – North.
Benefits An excellent enhancement of fundamentals, they will greatly accentuate the flow of healthy Chi.
Positioning and Use Place in their compass positions in a house or room facing in to the room.
Pot of Gold
A very powerful symbol and attractor of wealth. It is important to use real gold or it will not attract real prosperity.
Benefits The display of gold acts as a ‘magnet’ for more of the same !
Positioning and Use Ideally placed in metal element sectors ( west or north west ) for appropriate fortune – or in any area associated with wealth.
This natural purple crystal absorbs harmful energies – particularly from electric sources.
Benefits Improves a home or office area where electric power is concentrated.
Positioning and Use Place on or near a TV, computer, mobile ‘phone or other source of emissions.
Wall Plaques
In addition to providing an attractive wall feature, these genuine Chinese plaques enhance Chi in any room.
Benefits Enhance the area in accord with the design (wealth, love, peace, happiness, health, luck).
Positioning and Use Can be placed on any wall and especially beneficial in the sector relating to the symbol.
Crystal Ball
Said to represent the moon, a clear crystal ball is shaped to attract ‘good energy’
Benefits Will enhance any area . Especially suited to open plan or other work locations. The particular benefit depends on the area where it is placed.
Positioning and Use In the same way as houses and rooms are split in to compass sectors, your desk or work area can be similarly divided. Place the ball in the south-west part of your desk to improve your office relationships or in the north-east of the desk to enhance career development. Other areas can be improved in accord with the characteristics of the sector.
Indoor Water Features
Water is a primary feature of Feng Shui ( which means ‘wind and water’ ) and is a recommendation of virtually all Feng Shui consultants. The natural flow of moving water is one of the very best methods of activating and encouraging beneficial Chi.
Benefits Most auspicious for general well being and a healthy environment
Positioning and Use Can be placed in any area. Best in the North, East or South-East.
Feng Shui Keyrings
A convenient way to keep fortunate symbols with you. The various designs are all auspicious (Dragon, Fish, Moon Frog, Yin Yang etc).
Benefits Personal fortune or attraction of prosperity.
Positioning and Use Keep in a purse or pocket. The keys should ideally relate to the design – for example the Fish and Moon Frog (wealth) can be used for keys to business premises and the dragon (protection) for house keys .
Terracotta Warriors
Based on the famous Warriors unearthed in China, these replicas are also hand made in terracotta.
Benefits Terracotta figures are a symbol of Earth – with the added feature that the Warriors represent valour and protection against misfortune and unhelpful influences.
Positioning and Use Any area which needs extra Earth to balance. As protection they can be faced towards bad influences but are good in any position in a house.
Chinese Purses and Cases It is always preferable to use authentic Chinese containers for Feng Shui and other articles.
Benefits The purses and cases use fortunate colours and designs.
Positioning and Use To protect small items when carried or stored.
Car Protection Symbol
This hanging Bagwa symbol carries a yin-yang on one side and the 12 Chinese horoscope animals on the other.
Benefits Specifically designed for a car or other vehicle to deflect harmful and negative energies and generate positive influences.
Positioning and Use Hang inside a car to provide protection, reduce driving fatigue.and create a harmonious atmosphere.
Precious Gourd
A traditional ancient Chinese symbol of protection and longevity, the Precious Gourd represents a container of power and fortune.
Benefits Particularly effective for protection for a property or person and also while travelling.
Positioning and Use Hang on doors, windows, above a bed head, over your work area, in a vehicle or carry it on journeys.
Quan Yin
The Goddess of Mercy, she also represents health, family and children and particularly female aspects. She is often depicted on her lotus pedestal.
Benefits Good health, compassion, fertility – especially female, family rapport and related areas.
Positioning and Use Place in a prominent position in any room. May be particularly beneficial in the sector you wish to enhance.
Natural Clear Quartz
Natural clear quartz is one of the best symbols of ‘mother earth’ and is beneficial virtually anywhere. Quartz beds, points or other pieces are all suitable.
Benefits Generally improves the ambience of any area. Recommended to enhance romance and love luck, whatever your birthdate or age. Also for career and business fortune when placed on a desk or work area.
Positioning and Use For love and romance, place in the south west sector of the bedroom for you personally, or in the south west of the living room to benefit all the residents. For career and business, place on the north east sector of your desk/work area. For other purposes place the quartz in the sector you wish to enhance.
The cast iron lantern is available in different designs and can be located inside or outside a house.
Benefits The fundamental combination of the metal and fire elements is enhanced by the shape (contours) and colours of the designs. Some are animals which also have their own attributes – the fish symbolising wealth, the turtle security etc
Positioning and Use Most auspicious in any garden, patio, conservatory or room. Virtually any position is good, the ideal location would relate to the sector and the associated animal.
Wealth God on Tiger
Tsai Shen Yeh is a Chinese God of Wealth – sometimes known as Lu Hsing, the Star God of Wealth. He carries a gold ingot and sword. The legend is that, after studying in a forest, he was seen riding a tiger in all directions and using the sword to ward off evil influences.
Benefits This depiction is very powerful. The main benefit is attraction of wealth, but the presence of the sword and the tiger symbolise protection.
Positioning and Use Place directly facing the entrance door to your home to symbolise and attract the entrance of wealth. Also protects against the entry of bad influences.
Buddha Hand
Called the Shiwuwei Yin in China, it includes the shape of the Wheel of Dharma (known as the Dharmacakra). It signifies the endless cycle of birth and rebirth.
Benefits Symbolising benevolence, peace and protection. It brings tranquility to any room or area. It is represented by the words ‘Do Not Fear’.
Positioning and Use Place in any room or area where you wish for a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Best positioned prominently – perhaps on a shelf, mantlepiece or cabinet.
Wall Hangings (Bamboo Style)
The illustrations depict many different scenes, each with it’s own symbolic meaning – Longevity, Destiny, Tranquility, Partnership, Wealth and others.
Benefits Enhances the aspect symbolically depicted in the illustration.
Positioning and Use Can be hung anywhere, but best positioned in the sector represented by the scroll. Also good to hang behind your work area to enhance the aspect in your own character.
Chinese Year Animals
Animals appear in many areas of Feng Shui. In Chinese astrology most experts use the Chinese year which starts in the first half of February – the exact date varies slightly each year. If you were born before 4th February – use the year before you were born. If you were born after February 4th, use the year of your birth to work out your Chinese animal. For any other birth month ( March – December ), just use the year in the chart. Some other experts use lunar and other cycles, which means that the year can start in January. Most of these animals are available from Living Designs, many hand carved in onyx or other gemstones. It is auspicious to have a figure of your year animal in a prominent position in your home or workplace to enhance your self esteem and status.
The candle flame naturally represents the Fire element and can be used to benefit any area where this element is required. Additionally the colour of the candle relates to the propitious colours related to each sector.
Benefits Enhances the Fire element wherever this is lacking. Additionally benefits the associated colours, effective even when the candle is unlit.
Positioning and Use The first essential is that candles are placed in a safe position to avoid any fire risks ! Provided the location is safe, you can then locate the candle where the Fire element is required, or the colour enhances.
Dowsing Pendulums and Rods
Most Feng Shui consultants now use Geopathic Stress measurement as part of their assessment of a property. These are natural ‘lines of power’ which can be ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ and consequently affect the ‘feel’ of any building. A frequent way to measure Geopathic Stress lines is by using a pendulum or dowsing rod. Dowsing is also an ancient and recognised subject in itself and practitioners can look for almost anything – from buried treasure and ancient sites to people and lost items.
There is now a vast number of Feng Shui books (all are available at discount price from Living Designs ). It’s sometimes mentioned that there is an apparent conflict in information between books. This is usually because the authors follow different ‘schools’ of Feng Shui. All the basis principles are common to all the schools, but there are some variations in applying some of the concepts.