10 most common mistakes women make in sex

10 most common mistakes women make in sex

It has now become established that when a couple’s sex life begins and deteriorates, the main culprit is the man or escorts. It is the easy target of responsibility and hundreds of articles have been written with tips on how to improve it.

Certainly men have their own share of ‘mistakes‘ in the bedroom. However, before we can blame our partner and improve the quality of our sex life, we must first make sure that we do not make the same mistakes about sex.

Read below the 10 most common sexual mistakes women do in bed!

1. Women avoid asking their partner to get in touch

Many women are more concerned about how they will be characterized by their partner and want to maintain a ‘decent attitude’. In no case do they think of asking their partner to have sex because they believe that it should be done exclusively by him. According to Athens escorts, this is one of the biggest mistakes women make.

2. Worry about how you look?

Thinking about how you look during sex prevents you from enjoying yourself and your chances of having an orgasm. Girls, don’t think about the fat on your belly or the makeup on your face. According to Hellen Fisher, PhD, an anthropologist at Rutgers University, men do not even notice half the things that torment women!

3. Do you think sex means nothing to a man?

According to experts, we should forget the old-fashioned notion that women do not think about sex and that men are not romantic. For some men, sex is a very important act.

In a study by Dr Hellen Fisher on Greek escorts participation in one-night stands, the results showed that 50% of women and 52% of men said they did so in hopes of forming a relationship. One third of them did so. What is the lesson? No, girls are not the ‘I need to start one-night stands…’

The lesson is:

“Never assume that a man is not romantic”


4. Do you think men always think about sex and are always willing?

Most teenagers are always willing and ready to have sex at any time, but this is not the case for men. The stresses of daily living – family, work, bills – can ‘level up’ a man’s libido. This comes as a big surprise to many women, and often the lack of interest in sex is something we take personally. Relax… it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you… she just doesn’t want to have sex… and what she tells you is no excuse!

5. You don’t say what you like, you don’t guide him properly and you blame him for not getting orgasm…

Talking too much about sex, what we like and what we don’t like, often makes us uncomfortable, even with a partner we’ve spent a lot of time with and feel close to. However, it is the only way to achieve a satisfying sexual relationship.

No man can bring a woman to an orgasm unless she takes responsibility for her sexual experience. Even the best lover may not know what his partner needs unless he guides her. So if you don’t reach orgasm, it’s mainly you who haven’t shown him how to do what irritates you. Being a man does not mean being a sex expert.

It is also important not to be ashamed of what you like as much as you may or may not consider them unorthodox. It is nothing strange about sex and most men will not judge you negatively if you reveal to them that you want to be egotistical or beating you. On the contrary, indeed. He’ll love it. If not, make him love it because it makes you happy and you need it to get orgasm. There are no compromises in this track.

The good news, according to Dr. Fisher, is that men really want to please women.
“If you can tell them in a way that doesn’t kill their ego, they will appreciate it”

6. You often complain about orgasm without actually having a reason

It is tragic for a woman to grunt, bite her lips, and pretend that she has reached an orgasm, only to have her partner’s morals dropped or the sex act to end an hour earlier.

It’s the worst advice you can give to a man who makes sense that what he did was enough to please you.

sexually hero and don’t try for anything more next time.

Women by nature want more effort than men to finish, and men know that. So they don’t find it offensive to them, the fact that you don’t always get orgasm. So you don’t have to lie. Especially if you never reach orgasm, then you have nothing to complain about. Instead, you have to guide him as we said above.

7. You are ashamed to try new things and think that he is asking for you because he is tired of you

Variety is the spice of life and when you are with a partner for a long time, it makes sense that it will ask you sometime to have something new sexually read in a magazine or heard from others in the gym and so on. Many women make the mistake and they take it personally, considering that their partner is sexually bored, they no longer irritate him, and for that reason he is looking for new things. Error! It’s not a bad thing to try something a little more kinky, something more risky, or more sadomasochistic. So for refreshment.

8. It is necessary to fall asleep and if you turn your back you are sleeping

After sex most women want to sleep with their partner or sleep on his arm or chest. Men still prefer to turn to the side because they simply start to numb their hand after a while or have difficulty breathing when lying on their breasts. It is completely normal and in no way a sign that he no longer loves you!

9. Focus only on his penis!

Just as women, besides oral sex, go crazy for caresses or bites all over their bodies, so men need care and attention to the rest of their body except the penis. This is a classic mistake of women who believe that with a blowjob, they have finished their work and resurrected their little boyfriend. Men also go crazy when they lick them all over their body and caress them. Also his testicles are not decorative! Don’t neglect them!

10. Allow the voices of your vulva or anus to seduce you and cause you shame and embarrassment

It is very common and reasonable when a man exerts pressure on your abdomen during the operation to cause gas to release to your anus. It is also very classic when you are very irritated and have a large flow of fluid in your vulva, to hear strange sounds every time a man enters you. Both cases are normal and there is no reason for embarrassment on your part. Keep the action completely indifferent to these sounds and don’t apologize to God. There’s no reason to even discuss it.

So it is clear from all of the above that women make just as many mistakes in sex as men do. For a perfect sex life, the couple must help each other and guide each other, or ask escorts Athens. Sex is not a simple affair but with the right communication it can be magical for both of you.

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5 rules for a balanced relationship


Escorts in Athens tell as what rules we should follow in our connection, focusing on making them appropriate for everyone, no matter whether you’re solitary, dating about, gladly monogamously married to your secondary school sweetie, consensually keeping a harem, or something in between.

1. Open communication

Everyone in a partnership requires to be kept in the loop about the happenings with its members. You ought to decide for yourself which networks of interaction really feel most intuitive as well as uncomplicated to you, since those are the ones you’ll use the most.

You might need to jeopardize with your partner(s) if you’re a texter as well as they favour telephone call or emails, but you ought to find out a good middle ground that benefits every person.

2. Non-possessiveness

This one does not simply put on non-monogamous individuals. Even married couples do not have the right to be controlling of each other’s time, psychological power, bodies, or other sources. You understand that saying, “If you like something, set it totally free”? Yeah, that.

If you need to grip as well as cling to seem like you’re preserving a hold on someone you like, maybe you must re-examine your priorities (and also I know, a lot of those behaviours are fear-based, however if that’s the case, take into consideration employing me or an additional connection instructor or therapist to assist you figure your problems out!).

3. Consensual

Every ethically-done connection called for enlightened consent: that you know the expectations and also specifications of the partnership you’re getting in, to ensure that you’re able to grant them knowingly and knowledgeably.

In non-monogamous partnerships, this may need a much more specific conversation of your borders (is it alright to kiss other individuals? what concerning going on dates? which acts call for previous discussion and also which can take place anytime?), but it’s additionally great to have these check-ins in monogamous partnerships and friendships.

In the original poster’s words: “Everyone recognizes what is taking place in all the partners’ lives and also everybody consents to what’s taking place. If there’s no contract, it’s dishonesty. And if it is ripping off, then it is not polyamory. It is cheating.”

Informed approval and contract thus constitute the ethical structure of non-monogamous partnerships, and quite likely virginal ones, also!

4. Accepting of self-determination

You can not regulate your companion’s, pal’s, or member of the family’s desires as well as life instructions. Accept this fact, encourage them to be one-of-a-kind snows, and invite them residence when they’re done exploring.

5. Sex positivity

This is specifically vital in partnerships where your partner, friend, or family member is looking to be sexually energetic. Sex positivity has several possible definitions, however in mind, it’s about establishing healthy and balanced borders on your own based on approval, pleasure, and also safety. It consists of stating “no” to points along with saying “yes” as well as “perhaps later.”

It includes not judging others, so long as they’re being straightforward and healthy, even if what they select is different than what you would certainly pick for yourself. There’s capacity for social problem below, certainly, but do attempt to be respectful!

Nevertheless, it can apply just as well to other parts of life, such as enjoying when your buddy attains a significant life goal (once more, you are not the cause of this boost of joy, however you reach enjoy your friend’s radiance).

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Notes on HELP and HIV

Notes on HELP and HIV
Notes on HELP and HIV

In 1981, scientists in the United States and France first acknowledged the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which was later found to be brought on by a virus called the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Currently, an approximated 40 million people worldwide are HIV providers, and 3 million a year are passing away of AIDS.

Ways to get AIDS 

HIV lives in white blood cells and is present in the sexual fluids of human beings. Using another person’s razor blade or having your body tattooed or pierced are also risky, but the HIV virus can not be transmitted by shaking hands, kissing, snuggling, fondling, sneezing, cooking food, or sharing eating or drinking utensils.

Many blood banks now evaluate their items for HIV, and you can safeguard yourself versus dirty needles by only allowing an injection if you see the syringe gotten of a fresh unopened pack. The easiest safeguard during sex (Κορίτσια Αθήνα) is the appropriate use of a latex condom. Unroll the prophylactic onto the erect penis, while withdrawing after ejaculation, hold onto the prophylactic as you come out. Never ever attempt to recycle a prophylactic, and pack a supply with you, as it can be a problem trying to buy them on short notification.

HIV is spread more frequently through anal than vaginal sex, due to the fact that the lining of the anus is much weaker than that of the vagina, and ordinary prophylactics sometimes tear when utilized in anal sex. A lady runs 10 times the threat of contracting AIDS from a male than the other method around, and the hazard is always greater when another sexually sent disease (STD) is present.

Cure or Prevent AIDS

The extremely presence of AIDS calls for a fundamental change in human behavior. No vaccine or drug exists that can cure or prevent AIDS, and since the virus mutates frequently, no remedy might ever be completely effective. Other STDs such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis B, and herpes are far more common than AIDS and can lead to serious issues such as infertility, however at least they can usually be treated.

You should always practice safe sex to prevent AIDS and other STDs. You never ever understand who is contaminated or even if you yourself have actually ended up being contaminated. The golden rule is safe sex or no sex.

Blood test for answers

An HIV infection can be spotted through a blood test, since the antibodies developed by the body to eliminate off the virus can be seen under a microscope. It takes at least 3 weeks for the antibodies to be produced and in some cases as long as six months prior to they can be gotten throughout a screening test. You must go over the appropriateness of a test with your physician if you believe you might have run a danger. It’s constantly much better to understand if you are infected so as to have the ability to prevent contaminating others, to acquire early treatment of symptoms, and to make reasonable strategies. You need to offer them all the assistance you can (there’s no risk in such contact unless blood is present)if you know somebody with AIDS.

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